New Generation’s Water & Process Technologies

SAS HYDROTECH (PVT) LTD, is a specialist and a consultant to the industrial sector in Sri Lanka, was founded in Sri Lanka in 2010 with a group of well qualified and well experienced engineers of environmental, water Treatment and waster treatment to serve the growing requirements in the industrial, hotel, garment and environmental sectors in Sri Lanka.

SAS HYDROTECH (PVT) LTD is a values-driven company that brings superior products to our customers through some of the world’s leading brands. We believe in conducting business with absolute integrity. Efforts in continuous improvement, high performance, competence, cost reduction, business ethics and market leadership have contributed greatly to our success. Our employees share many personal values such as accountability, deep respect for people and the environment, and a can did and practical work style.

Our flow technologies keep water moving. Our filtration systems keep water clean. Our pool and spa solutions make water fun. And our technical products keep us connected and safe.

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Water Treatment

Waste water & sewage Treatment

Swimming Pools


Testing, Monitoring and controlling